Welcome to our company

Our services are engineered to increase your system performance, lower your costs, and maximize your development productivity In all of our interaction, we strive to keep you satisfied with EMG Our field Engineers and technical staff are available to discuss your needs.

What we do

We more than 25 years of experience in test, measurement, install, control, repair & calibrate most industrial process instruments, laboratory equipments & instruments, mechanical equipments, such as:-(Pumps, Diesel engines, Generators, Valves,…)repair welding, commercial Boilers and N.D.T inspection,… etc.. Read more

Why choose us?

EMG Egypt is committed to your satisfaction and success, Our electric,  electronic & pneumatic lab is equipped with the most advanced instruments that make us provide a unique services to our customers with highest possible quality in lowest time frame.

Consulting Services


EMG provide consulting services for all electrical, electronic and mechanical needs and our field Engineers and technical staff are available to help you 24/7. Read More

Analysis Services


Our company also provide Analysis, test, measurement, installation, control, repair & calibration services for most industrial needs. Read More